So How Exactly Does The Hot Box Subscription Work?

The Hot Box is A Bi-Monthly Subscription Box. This means every two months a new box is sent out. The items in the box will vary each cycle but will contain an assortment of sex toys, lingerie, lubes, and more adult products. When you sign up, you’ll first be prompted to choose between the following:

Straight Couple

Gay Couple

Lesbian Couple

Men Only

Ladies Only

The items chosen for each box will be different to better cater to everyone’s sexual orientation. After each cycle, you will be auto-billed for the next cycle until you choose to cancel.

Am I under any contracts/obligations – ie. If I sign up, do I have to remain subscribed for a certain period of time?

No – you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, there are no refunds. If you are auto-billed and then chose to cancel after, you will receive one final box before your subscription ends.

When the Hot Box is shipped, will it be themed/labeled/decorated in any way that makes it obvious what’s inside?

NO! – All shipping is 100% discrete. The box you receive will be packaged in a plain shipping box with a shipping label that only reads “Shipping Dept”. There will be no other identifying info. Inside there will be a clean, plain box that contains all of the products for that month.

May I refund My Hot Box if I don’t like what’s inside?

Unfortunately no. Due to the nature of the product being distributed, we cannot accept returns or process refunds. You may, however, cancel your subscription at any time.

I love the Hot Box, but won’t be able to afford it next month. Can I “skip” that box and re-subscribe to the next?

Sure! While there’s no option to “skip”, you can simply cancel your membership, and restart it at a later time.

What Exactly will be in the Hot Box?

That’s the fun part. It will vary each cycle! You can expect to receive an assortment of high-end toys, lingerie, lubricants, and more. As for the specifics, you’ll have to open your box to find out!