If I purchase a Home Party Kit, am I under any obligation to purchase my inventory from you or can I buy it elsewhere?

You may purchase your inventory from us or you can purchase it elsewhere. That is totally up to you. Unlike many other Home Party Programs, there are no contracts to sign! You are under no obligation to purchase anything from us at any time. We recommend you purchase products from www.adultwholesaledirect.com, our wholesale division, for accurate and secure order processing and shipment. And yes, we offer drop shipping!

I have decided to start my own business as a Home Party Representative using the Giggles® Home Parties Program. Am I an employee of Giggles® Home Parties or am I really my own boss? Can I pick a name for my business or do I have to call it “Giggles® Home Parties”?

Either purchasing the Giggles® Home Party Information Kit DVD or following the Program does not make you a GigglesWorld® Corporation employee or a franchisee. You would really be your own boss in this endeavor. You choose a distinctive name for your own home party business and we suggest you make it as unique as you are! You are not permitted to use GigglesWorld’s® trademark “Giggles®” or the “Giggles®” logo in your business name and logo.

Do the Manufacturer’s Catalogs come with the Giggles® logo on them? Do I have to use these catalogs or can I make my own?

We offer the Super Manufacturer Catalog Kit as part of the program and they are standard catalogs with no Giggles® logo printed on them. You are encouraged to personalize the catalogs with your own business name and contact information. As with everything in the program, you are under no obligation. You may use these catalogs for your business or you may have your own, personalized catalogs printed!

Need logo design help? Why not check out GigglesWorld’s® adult design website, www.adultdesignsdirect.com for information on sexy, professional-looking logos and more!

How do I obtain updated order forms that match the Home Party Kit?

Wholesale and retail order forms to match the Home Party Kit Contents are included on the Home Party Information Kit CD. You can find updated order forms available for download under the Business Tools Menu on www.adultwholesaledirect.com, too.

Should I create my own website to promote my business? If yes, do you offer any assistance in setting it up?

Creating your own home party website leads to higher sales, increased credibility, and gives your customers a private shopping experience. You can advertise your website at your parties and on the catalogs, telling your customers to visit the website for additional ordering. We have technical support to assist you with setting it up and it is very quick and easy to do. For website design, banner design, and logo design assistance and support, visit www.adultdesignsdirect.com.

I’ve researched most of the home party programs on the Internet today and all the other programs require a large initial investment and a commitment to work for that company! Why are the Giggles® Home Party offerings so inexpensive?

We put this program together after years of customers, like you, asking us to offer a program that is easy to follow and reasonable to purchase. We did this so that anyone can get started in their own business with $49.99! Most people do not want to spend $500 or $1,000 to “try” a new career, nor do they want to spend that money to be “locked” into a program. We believe we have made having your “own” business a possible reality.

Upon purchasing the Giggles® Home Parties Sales Program, you agree to the following terms: You are not an employee of GigglesWorld® Corporation; you are not a franchisee of GigglesWorld® Corporation; you are not permitted to use the Giggles® name for your parties; and the Giggles® logo appears as an EXAMPLE only, on the business card, postcard, and name tag templates. You should delete the Giggles® logo and apply your own, unique logo or information to them. The Home Party Information Kit contains copyrighted material, which includes trade secrets. Therefore, all home party kit products are non-refundable.