The Worlds Only Sexy Home Party Program with;

✔ NO Strings Attached
✔ NO Contracts
✔ NO restrictions
✔ NO Commitments!

Create and manage your own adult toy home party business.

Do you want to make big money while enjoying what you love to do while having full control of your own future?

The Giggles® Home Party Kits give you the tools and supplies to start your own company and host the sexiest parties ever.
GigglesWorld’s® team of expert home party specialists have put together all new adult toy home party kits like no other company and at TRUE wholesale pricing! The Giggles® Home Party Program was started back in 2000, so you’re joining a team with over 20+ years’ experience, supplying thousands of reps around the world. With our information kit, you’ll learn how to host parties, recruit party hosts, place orders for exclusive products, and all while having zero restrictions on the product you buy and where you buy it from. Why allow yourself to be strangled and married to a company who dictates how you run your business? With us, you’ll be free to buy and sell what YOU want to offer your customers and you’ll always be ten step ahead of those other party companies. They commit you to only being allowed to buy and sell their overpriced (and mostly generic) products. That’s because they only care about their profit margins, not yours or your customers. To add insult to injury, their ridiculously high pricing that they claim to be wholesale, is usually double if not triple true wholesale.
Now come on in and check us out. You’ll never want to go to a Tupperware or cheap cosmetic jewelry party again after seeing how easy and inexpensive it is for you to own your own Adult Novelty Home Party Company!
We can ship directly to you or we ‘ll blind dropship to your customers discreetly! So they think it’s coming from your warehouse. We can even help set up your own online website selling thousands of products and you won’t have to lift a finger! Imagine having a fully stocked store online and you don’t have to stock one item. Learn how starting at $499.00. Visit our Design division to get started today at

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Classy and sophisticated home party catalogs perfect for home party or retail sales.
You can choose from stock catalogs or personalized catalogs for your own company!

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Choose from our three sensational product kits! All Giggles® Home Party Starter Kits include everything needed to start your own business as a home party representative! The no obligation Starter Kits contain The Giggles Home Parties Information Kit CD ROM and product specially selected from the Home Party Catalog to use as sample presentations, sell to your customers, or give away as gifts or prizes. There are incredible products included in every Kit, all at below wholesale prices with no minimums required!

Home Party Starter Kit A
Product ID# GWHPKA
40+ Products Included!

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Home Party Starter Kit B
Product ID# GWHPKB
50+ Products Included!

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Home Party Starter Kit C
Product ID# GWHPKC
54+ Products Included!

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Product ID# GWHPKD
65+ Products Included!

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Upon purchasing the Giggles® Home Parties Sales Program, you agree to the following terms: You are not an employee of GigglesWorld® Corporation; you are not a franchisee of GigglesWorld® Corporation; you are not permitted to use the Giggles® name for your parties, the Giggles® logo appears as an EXAMPLE only on the business card, post card, and name tag templates. You should delete the Giggles® logo and apply your own, unique logo or information on them. The Home Party Information Kit contains copyrighted material, which includes trade secrets. Therefore, all home party kit products are non-refundable.